Top clips replace chemical processes when you wish to restrict the growth of top shoots or the upper crown. Top clips are placed 5-10 cm under the top bud. They should be placed before budding starts. That is, at the start of May. They can be removed after the growing season and reused the following year.

A top clip cuts into the tree bark to approx. 75% of the top shoot’s girth and thereby reduces the flow of sap to the top bud and new side shoots.

Top clips are available in 3 different sizes

  • Blue: 5mm for small and very slender trees
  • Yellow: 7mm for regular trees from approx. 0.5m to approx. 2m
  • Red: 10mm for large trees above 2m

These top clips are made from water-resistant plastic. The plastic is UV stabilised meaning you have the option to reuse it for several seasons.

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